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An Open Letter to all Turkey Creek Resident Owners


Dear Owners of Turkey Creek Villas,

Many owners at Turkey Creek Villas may know that we now face an insidious and perilous problem at Turkey Creek Villas Condominiums. Some of you do not.

For those of you that are not aware of what’s going on, this letter is to inform you so that steps may be taken to avoid a possible catastrophe.

Turkey Creek Villas Condominium Association was founded in 1984 as a community of owners that could live here with their family in a close-knit community.

The developer of the Condo complex meant for TCV (Turkey Creek Villas) to be residents for the owners and owners family, they stated this in our Declaration and it was that way for a long time.

However, somewhere along the way someone dropped the ball and allowed an owner to rent out their unit. As time went on, more and more owners moved out and rented their units.

Granted, this was at a time of recession and so renting units to non-family members was overlooked by the Board of Directors.

Now, fast forward to 2016 – Turkey Creek Villas is now over 50% rentals. Renters are moving in and out constantly. Financing cannot be obtained because of the high-rate of rentals.

The character of the community has changed to an “apartment complex” environment.

Things are going to get worse.

As of now there are two “investors” who own three units each who are now on the Board of Directors making decisions not only for their tenants but for the owners as well.

One “investor” has said that she plans on purchasing all units going up for sale for her use as rental units.

When this investor owns 51% of the units no one will be able to stop her from making her own rules for all of us here at TCV.

Additionally, when she owns more units she will be able to modify our bylaws, purchase units without owner consent (by giving remaining owners “fair market value”,

not what you paid, not what you owe the bank) and eventually convert our condominium complex into apartments. All because we sat back and did nothing.

So, what can we do?

First, we must stand together forming a united front against investors taking total control over our homes!


Please read these articles:

Every individual owner should read these articles and understand that with this most recent sale to yet another investor we are now at 50% investor owned. Considering we have a problem even having an annual meeting this is really disturbing.

Florida law could help rich investors force condo owners from their homes

Florida condo owners could be forced to sell. Find out why

Florida Condo Owners Fight For Homes

Gov. Rick Scott this week signed a law aimed at protecting the rights of condo owners when developers are trying to convert complexes into rental properties.






Please note that per Turkey Creek Villas Declaration there is no renting or leasing of units – Family and Social Guests only.

Turkey Creek Declaration Section 23.03  says that your unit is only for a “single family residence for himself and the members of his family and social guests.”

That means no RENTING.




On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 Turkey Creek Villas had its first community 4th of July BBQ/Social. It was a great success!!!

Thanks All.




On April 30th, 2016 Turkey Creek Villas had its first Social – Pizza Party at the pool.

It was a huge success. Thank you to all who participated and A big thanks to Brett and Karen who put it on.




April 2016 –


 Congratulations to the New Board of Directors:

Theresa Hores

Karen Hebdon

William Morgan

David Kanaly

Dorothy Seib



January 2016 –

Well, we have a new management company as of January 1st, 2016 and we will have a new board election on April 18th at 2:00 PM.

We encourage everyone to vote for Board members that LIVE AT TURKEY CREEK and not INVESTORS that do not live at our community!



  1. I was searching a friend’s name and came upon this website that finally tells the truth about Turkey Creek Villas!! Thank you for posting whats really going on and the video to prove the Boards incompetence. Seriously?? I happen to know the woman that is in the video and I can tell you that this only scratches the surface of how disrespectful and arrogant she is. Kudos to Whoever runs this website. They should be given some kind of award. Thank you for pointing out the lack of tact and professionalism of the CAM and board.

  2. I just have to say that my friend lives at Turkey Creek Villas and everything you say is true. We certainly need a new manager and a new board also. I think that one woman has been on the board for 10 or 20 years. Also, why is the board made up of investors instead of residents? We need people in charge that live there not investors that only care about their own interests.

  3. That video about the CAM on the news is Sooooooooo funny! “Incredible”
    HA HA HA

    The faces she makes are hilarious. ; >

  4. I am looking to possibly buy a unit. I saw the damage to the truck and luckily this is only property damage and no one was injured. That would really be expensive. I am a licensed claims adjuster and the damage to the truck may or may not be the fault of the association for not monitoring the trees for damage that might cause them to fall on anyone parked on the parking lot. It is standard practice for the association to have their own lawyer involved in any possible lawsuit against the association, so the board is not doing anything that would be considered frivolous with the association’s money. My question would be is how your insurance company is handling this claim. Are they willing to pay or not, and if they did pay how would this affect your insurance premium in the future. The management company for the condo I live in now in CT checks the common areas including the trees on the property for any problems. That certainly is something that you management company should be doing in the future. You may have to pay extra, but it would probably be worth it. Upkeep on the common property should be a vital concern of the unit owners. Keeping the property in a safe condition will certainly cost money, but may save money in the future from claims.

  5. I am an owner here at Turkey Creek Villas and I can tell you that this is very troubling. I intend on looking into this further. We need to do something about this situation but I don’t know what!!!

  6. I think the Open Letter is of vital importance to all the owners who just live in their units without viewing them as a means of earning any profit.
    I cannot but agree with the Letter’s author that urgent measures should be taken to stop the notorious investor from any attempts to turn our Community into an “apartment complex.”
    What I can propose as the first step is to make a l l the Condo’s resident owners familiar with the Letter since only very few of them have any idea of the daunting challenge we are all facing now.

    • Yes, but how do we make people aware? Unfortunately many resident owners are seniors and do not really follow whats going on.

  7. I have talked to several owners that have been offered cash for their units by the notorious investor. The infamous investor seems to be getting more and more aggressive in buying units. I am very afraid of what is happening in our community here.

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