New combination locks on pool gates

There are new combination locks on the pool gates. Does anyone know who authorized these and why didn’t the residents get some kind of advanced notice that these were being put on the pool gates?



  1. I think this is a good idea to secure the pool. After all, we don’t want just anyone off the street using the pool. But I can’t lock the pool gate when I am inside the fence so I must leave the lock off when I’m in the pool and then anyone can get in.
    I think we should find a way that you can lock and unlock it from inside the fence too.

  2. I think its just another way management is trying to make it hard on the residents. They only give the code for the combination lock to people they “like.”

    Control control control!

  3. The CAM did not say they were not authorized – the CAM said she wasn’t aware that they had been put on the gates…nothing wrong with that.

    • I don’t understand why no one knows what is going on. Don’t we pay the Manager to do these things but she doesn’t even know what is going on. Who is making the decisions?

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