Vote on Roof (Closing the Skylights)

Special Vote

Owners should have received in the mail a packet including a Notice of Special Member Meeting,Limited Proxy, and Designated Voter Certificate.

TTCV Roof Proxy

The Proxy is to vote on “closing in the skylights on the front walkways of the 1051 building”
A YES vote means you are consenting to have the “Association” hire and pay a contractor to “close” the “skylights” on Building 1 (1051 Clearmont St).

There are a few unanswered questions though…..

First….I don’t think that what the proxy refers to as skylights is actually skylights.

The definition of a skylight is :  an opening in a  roof  that is covered with translucent or transparent material and that is designed to admit light.

These are openings that are not covered or glassed in not “skylights.”

Take a look –>


Secondly, How much is this going to cost??  This information is conspicuously absent from any of the paperwork sent out to owners? Why?

Third, there is no reason given as to why these “skylights” must be closed. Don’t you think that a reason should be given to the owners before they are asked to pay for something?

So I ask these questions before voting on this issue?

HOW MUCH will this project cost?

WHY does it need to be done?

When will it be done and by whom?

One thing is clear –Management does not like to inform the owners of what is going on and this vote is just another example of that.


Should the openings in the roof of Building 1051 be closed up? Roof openings in Building 1051

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