August 2015 Meeting

August 2015

There was a Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday August 11, 2015 at Peace Lutheran Church. Association Manager Susan Stewart susan4 and President Dorothy Jean Seib jean2 again forgot to reserve a room so the meeting had to be conducted outside on a picnic table.

Before the meeting even started Secretary Marjorie Anne Katehakis S1120026 decided to call Palm Bay Police because an owner was asking too many questions of the Board!

She obviously believes in a don’t ask – don’t tell policy. Someone should tell Marge about the FIRST AMENDMENT…. freedomofspeech. The police responded pbpolice and lectured an

embarrassed Marjorie Katehakis


Marjorie Katehakis

 on wasting law enforcement’s valuable time!

Nice job Marge!

Then Marjorie Katehakis  swears that she has never called names.

 She says  “I never called anyone a big turd”

Whats this then Marge? Marjorie Katehakis Lies !!

 We obviously can’t believe a thing she says. She lies right on video!

Next on the agenda is Turkey Creek Villas insurance renewal. When an owner points out that we are wasting $700.00 on Employees insurance when we don’t even have any employees working for Turkey Creek Villas. The owner is of course ignored. Dorothy Jean Seib made a motion to “pay the insurance in full” and the motion was approved by the board. The board has not even read the insurance policies they are voting on. Can you say …… incompetent?

Here is the pertinent part they should have read –> “The injured employee’s employment by you.”


Isn’t it nice how free the Board is with the Owners money! They could have easily saved $700.00 if not more but they have no interest in upholding their responsibility to the owners.

Next, Susan Obarski Stewart brings up “video recording” of the meeting. How many times have they brought that up?

They try again and again to stop video recording of the meetings! When will they realize that video recording open board meetings is a legal right here in Florida. They apparently don’t want their “Larry, Moe, and Curley” operation caught on video.

Needless to say, the board still did not schedule fire alarm inspections, dryer vent cleaning, fireplace cleaning or anything else because as Susan Stewart states “I don’t have time.”