December Board Meeting

December 2014 —

December 18, 2014  Meeting was a Disaster!

 Again there were not enough owners present or who sent in proxies to constitute a quorum so there was no Special Members Meeting again. So a vote on filling in the roof openings did not take place. This is the Board’s second attempt to get the owners to approve filling in the openings and again it failed. It is unclear weather the Board will keep pursuing this matter or finally accept that there is not enough voter approval for this.


This was also an entertaining event because of the Shenanigans of one of the owners to try to stop video recording of the meeting. Robin Joan Ciccone from unit 201-1 apparently thought it would be funny to use an umbrella to attempt to stop video recording of the Board Meeting. This is just the latest attempt at trying to thwart recording of the meetings. The Board has also paid an attorney to come up with rules to make video recording more difficult. However, Florida law clearly states that it is a RIGHT to be able to video record meetings. Some people clearly feel that they are above the law.